RACGP Expert Committee – Research

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Photo of Professor Tania Winzenberg

Professor Tania Winzenberg

Chair, RACGP Expert Committee – Research

The RACGP Expert Committee – Research (REC–R) aims to establish a profile for general practice research, promote its uniqueness and its importance to clinical practice, and advocate for its support. REC–R activities and achievements include:

  • Working to identify general practice research priorities through a formal, evidence-based process that engages a range of stakeholders. The priorities will support the ability of the RACGP to support its members to deliver the best patient care. The project is well underway and a report will be available in early 2019.
  • Developing and delivering a successful research and critical thinking ‘train the trainer’ workshop to improve the capacity of medical educators to support registrars to develop research and critical thinking skills. A number of participants have since formed a community of practice group to share ideas and experience.
  • Hosting a facilitated planning day with a range of leading mid-career and early career general practitioner researchers, with the aim of bringing together teams of general practitioner researchers with shared interests to create teams with sufficient critical mass to move forward with preparing large-scale funding applications.
  • Running a successful research day at GP17 that aimed to engage the end users of research and promote high-quality research. This included a research plenary, presented by Professor Jane Gunn, and two research highlights sessions.
  • Advocating for general practice research, including requesting support for general practice research infrastructure in the RACGP pre-budget submission 2017–18, and submissions to the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) public consultations on peer review in the new grant program and the Framework for NHMRC Assessment and Funding of Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies. In addition, we advised the Australian Medical Research Advisory Board on the process for the next Medical Research Future Fund priority consultation.