RACGP Expert Committee –
eHealth and Practice Systems

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Photo of Dr Nathan Pinskier

Dr Nathan Pinskier

Chair, RACGP Expert Committee – eHealth and Practice Systems

The RACGP Expert Committee – eHealth and Practice Systems (REC–eH&PS) focuses on eHealth developments, information management and privacy, and issues impacting the operations of Australian general practice.

The REC–eH&PS has developed a number of resources throughout the past year, including Information security in general practice, which details and recommends essential business practice, policies and procedures to help protect general practice information systems.

The REC–eH&PS commenced delivery of a national education and awareness program to support general practice in the use of My Health Record, and to help practices understand how the expansion to an opt-out model will likely affect their practice and patients. This program is supported by guidance materials and resources about the use of My Health Record.

In 2017 the REC–eH&PS hosted the third annual eHealth Forum, bringing together leaders in eHealth, general practice and government to share ideas on the future of digital healthcare. The forum explored electronic prescribing and cybersecurity, and presented a personal story about how a patient and his GP navigated a complicated healthcare system, leading to a discussion on how an up-to-date electronic health record and secure electronic messaging between GPs, specialists, hospitals and others may have helped them.