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Photo of Professor Peter Mudge

Professor Peter Mudge

Chair, RACGP Foundation

It has been an exciting year for the RACGP Foundation as we continue supporting general practice researchers who build the evidence for improving health outcomes for all Australians.

The Foundation is proud to have awarded 14 grants and awards that aid research projects into areas such as therapeutic guidelines, health service issues, diabetes management and prevention, chronic disease management in the general practice setting, as well as a one-off grant for musculoskeletal medicine. The Foundation also provides financial assistance for medical education and travel.

The Foundation looks forward to sharing the outcomes of this research with you in the year ahead and beyond.

Established in 1958, the RACGP Foundation has been quietly working towards a healthier Australia for 60 years. Over the past year, the Foundation Board and Executive took the opportunity to reflect on the achievements to date and began work on the vision for the Foundation for the future. This will continue over the coming years as we work to strengthen the Foundation.

I am proud to be leading the Foundation during this time as we bolster our income and work closely with the GP research community, donors and key partners to change the primary healthcare landscape.

On behalf of the Foundation Board and the RACGP, I extend our sincere thanks to everyone who has given to the Foundation throughout our 60-year history. Together we can continue to have an impact on primary healthcare through research and evidence-based practice.

I also congratulate our researchers who have informed practice over the years and helped general practice remain at the centre of Australia’s primary healthcare system. Your work has been invaluable.

As the Foundation strengthens its position as a key funder of GP research, work has commenced on further positioning the RACGP Foundation as leaders in the sector.

This is exemplified in our frontline campaign: from researcher to practitioner to patient.

The campaign places the Foundation at the forefront and highlights research projects the RACGP has funded and the tangible outcomes for Australians.

The Foundation supports research that can be implemented on the frontline, and this narrative is the heart of our new website that tells the story of the Foundation and the life-changing work it performs. It is where stories of the research supported by the Foundation and its impact can be found.

The Foundation was also excited to host the RACGP annual conference Gala Dinner at GP17 in Sydney. Over 300 members and guests came together at the end of the conference to enjoy a night of networking, laughter, dancing and fun, with good food and great company.

We were delighted to showcase the Foundation and to raise important funds for general practice research. Thank you to everyone who attended and donated on the night. Your donations will enable general practice research to inform practice and keep general practice at the heart of a thriving primary healthcare system.

Thank you to our members, donors, corporate partners and the many businesses, government agencies, non-governmental and community organisations that continue to support the work of the RACGP Foundation. We also sincerely thank members of the general practice research community who have shared their stories in the media, in our publications and online.

Funding partners

  • Therapeutic Guidelines Limited
  • Motor Accident Insurance Commission
  • HCF Research Foundation
  • BOQ Specialist
  • Diabetes Australia
  • IPN Medical Centres

Individual donors

$1000 plus

  • Dr Jagadish Krishnan
  • Dr Gopi Patel
  • Dr Tina Blight
  • Dr Peter Joseph
  • Dr Bella Freeman


  • Prof Hugh Grantham
  • Dr Meredith Cook
  • Dr Maree Puxty
  • Dr Zhaoyi Si
  • Dr Talat Choudhry
  • Dr Monica Theron
  • Dr Emma Kennedy
  • Dr Gary Deed
  • Dr James Berryman
  • Dr Nina McCorquodale
  • Prof Mark Nelson
  • Dr Clifford Kwan Der Tan
  • Dr Rao Nadeem Hameed
  • Dr Olugbenga Ayodeji Afilaka
  • Dr Parvin Lata Ishri
  • Dr Rex Torrinello