RACGP Western Australia

03 Member engagement

Photo of Dr Tim Koh

Dr Tim Koh


Chair, RACGP Council; Chair, RACGP WA

RACGP WA has continued to explore different ways to engage with members, and in March we opened the doors for an Open Day that provided an opportunity for members to learn more about the RACGP, network with peers, and meet the RACGP WA Board and staff.

RACGP WA delivered more than 40 continuing professional development (CPD) workshops, over 30 examination preparation activities, and provided one-on-one sessions and workshops for the planning learning and need (PLAN) self-reflection activity.

Western Australia is a big place, and it is always a challenge to meet members where they live and work. One way of doing this, though, is through education. In March, the RACGP WA team in collaboration with RACGP Rural hosted a weekend of education in Bunbury, south-west of Perth. Over two days, almost 50 GPs received high-quality CPD in a regional setting.

The Executive Committee has been involved at various levels with the Government of Western Australia’s Sustainable Health Review, ensuring that the perspective of general practice is included in the debate. Work on this project will continue into next year.

The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) held in May was the largest in Perth to date, with 100 candidates sitting examinations across two venues. Thank you to all examiners involved; OSCE would not be possible without you.