Photo of Dr Cameron Loy

Dr Cameron Loy


Chair, RACGP Victoria

Face-to-face member engagement occurs in the faculties. RACGP Victoria provides opportunities for members that include member education and training, and having members in turn embedded in delivery of education, organising conferences and events, and faculty Board and committees. And, importantly, in examining the next generation of GPs.

Representing members and the profession, RACGP Victoria continues to be a strong voice for the profession, patients and the community. The last year has seen us enhance our engagement through meeting with and providing advice and feedback to the state government, ministers and other stakeholders. RACGP Victoria was particularly active in providing advice to SafeScript, advocating for a safe injecting room, highlighting the impact on GPs of voluntary assisted dying, and developing rural generalist training. A new area of work between the faculty and government and hospitals relates to how patient care can be managed better as our patients move between general practice and state institutions, such as prisons and hospitals. RACGP Victoria remains an engaged board that continues to raise issues and bring forward members’ concerns. I look forward to our faculty continuing to add value to the professional life of Victorian GPs.

In August, RACGP Victoria hosted the annual Members Meeting, presenting faculty awards and offering members opportunity to come together with colleagues and friends to celebrate and debate what we do.

The 2017 RACGP Victoria Fellowship and Awards Ceremony in November celebrated the achievement of 192 new Fellows, welcoming them to the faculty and to Fellowship. The ceremony celebrated life memberships, other significant member awards and peer recognition for Victorian Fellows who have demonstrated excellence in the profession. Dr Ric Milner, Victoria’s General Practitioner of the Year, spoke of the lifelong need to strive for remarkable and excellent medicine in our work.

Other highlights included the following.

  • The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), held in November and May, was again one of the largest member engagement activities, calling on roughly 5% of Victorian Fellows to deliver this important part of the RACGP assessment.
  • More than 40 educational and networking activities in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria were conducted, granting access across the state for RACGP Victoria members.
  • The faculty staff who deliver the work of the RACGP, and the Fellows and members who gave of their time, have added so much to our professional lives. It is a good time to be involved in our RACGP.