Photo of Associate Professor Jennifer Presser

Associate Professor Jennifer Presser


Chair, RACGP Tasmania

RACGP Tasmania has seen faculty focus on student engagement grow, participation from our new Fellows cohort increase, and activity in a diverse range of advocacy initiatives from doctors’ health to submissions for acute care services review.

The RACGP Tasmania Board has been responsive to the needs of our GP members, and I am proud to have chaired such a group this year. Our enhanced commitment to new Fellows commenced with the new governance year, with board members unanimously voting to add a co-opted New Fellows representative to our board. This cements our formal commitment to a strong voice for the future of general practice in Tasmania.

HealthStop@Agfest, a collaboration between RACGP Tasmania, the University of Tasmania – College of Medicine and Health, and the Pharmaceutical Society (Tasmanian Branch), proved an inspiring and valuable experience for me. It was my pleasure to be one of the supervising general practitioners at HealthStop and I was delighted by the level of enthusiasm displayed by the students, supervisors and members of the public.

Submissions to state government reviews into acute care and firearms legislation, a pre-election submission to major parties and regular meetings with state and federal parliamentarians have highlighted general practice’s key role in health. To strengthen the role of general practice and improve outcomes for patients, Tasmanian members’ views have been emphasised in government departmental meetings and with key community sector stakeholders.

Lastly, but most importantly, member wellbeing is a key element of our undertakings. We have championed changes to mandatory reporting legislation and doctors’ mental health services available in Tasmania.