RACGP Specific Interests

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Photo of Dr Cameron Loy

Dr Cameron Loy


Chair, RACGP Victoria

RACGP Specific Interests members choose to join the faculty based on their clinical or occupational interests. This uniqueness has resulted in remarkable growth, with 1266 new members joining RACGP Specific Interests during 2017–18, bringing the total membership to 5117.

RACGP Specific Interests brings members together through collegiate activities, supports their learning through the development of various educational activities and seeks their guidance on policy and advocacy issues.

The highlights of the 2017–18 educational calendar were the Time Efficient Management of Pain in the Office (TEMPO) and the Drug Seekers’ Journey – From Seeking to Recovering active learning modules (ALMs) delivered at GP17. In addition, the Obesity Management network developed a series of five webinars that had over 1600 registrations nationally.

RACGP Specific Interests welcomed one new network in 2017–18, the Allergy network, bringing the total number to 29.

RACGP Specific Interests will continue to support members on various topics. Priorities for 2018–19 include the launch of the ‘Maternity services in general practice’ position statement, and continuing to work with the Chapter of Military Medicine and the Education Services unit in implementating the Post-Fellowship Specialty Recognition framework.